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The Studio City Business District is known for its fabulous restaurants and shops (over 450) on Ventura Blvd. between Carpenter Avenue and Coldwater Canyon Avenue. Whether you are stopping by the Sportsmen’s Lodge pool for a refreshing drink, cooling off with a game of bowling, strolling through the Farmer’s Market or eating at one of our fabulous restaurants, we are proud of all the amenities our District has to offer our guests. You may want to bring a backpack for any shopping excursion along the way!


The boundaries of the BID are as follows: Ventura Blvd between Whitsett Avenue and Carpenter Avenue, Ventura Place, Ventura Court between Rhodes and Laurelgrove, Radford Avenue from Ventura Boulevard to Valleyheart Drive.

Studio City History

The Studio City Business District was created in 1999. The District has a successful history of providing special benefits to individual assessed parcels within the District.

At the Western edge of the Studio City Business District is the Sportsmen's Lodge Hotel. It was established in the 1880's and is considered a San Fernando Valley historical landmark. It's most notable feature, besides a hotel, banquet and restaurant facilities, is a famous pond that many Studio City residents recall fishing in as young children. Historically, celebrities such as Clark Gable, Bette Davis, and John Wayne were known to spend time there, just to name a few.

On the Eastern edge of the Studio City Business District is CBS Studio Center. This is a full service television production studio. The primary use is as a production rental facility. In fact, although the facility is owned by CBS, the facility is not limited to CBS Productions.

During peak production, CBS may have as many as 5000 people working on the lot, including the employees of CBS.

In between the Sportsmen's Lodge and CBS Studio Center lies the heart of the Studio City Business District - SCBD. Here, we showcase some of the finest commercial retailers, including many high-end shops, that when combined with the Sportsmen's Lodge and CBS Studio Center, form what is identified as the "commercial corridor" of the Studio City Business District.

We are proud of Studio City and that the Studio City Business District is able to provide this FREE SHUTTLE SERVICE to travel this corridor on and to help make your experience in Studio City always a pleasant one so that you will return often.

Some projects from the Studio City Business District:

Beautification Projects

We’ve created and environment that you’ll enjoy! As you stroll the clean sidewalks, enjoy the trees and the flowers along the sidewalk. Take a glance at Ventura Boulevard and notice the center medians boasting beautiful trees, plants and flowers. Cross the street at one of our decorative pedestrian crosswalks! Studio City is truly the jewel of the San Fernando Valley.

Tree Planting And Trimming

Studio City is known for its picturesque view of the palm trees that line Ventura Boulevard. The SCIA trims the palm trees twice per year to maintain their beauty and the charm of Studio City. The SCIA planted 60 Chinese Pistache trees in the district. Enjoy the day lilies that surround the medians and the trees.

Maintenance Services

The SCIA’s extensive maintenance services include tree trimming, sweeping of sidewalks seven days per week, sidewalk pressure washing, and trash disposal.


Online business directory – a comprehensive directory for the businesses in the district.

Schools Marketing Program

The SCIA developed the program to encourage residents to “shop locally” in the BID. Students from Carpenter Avenue Elementary School, Colfax Elementary School and Walter Reed Middle School turn in receipts from shops located within the BID to the SCIA and receive 10% back for the schools.

Holiday Decorations

During the holiday season, The SCIA decorates the palm trees in the district.

Monthly Advertisements

The SCIA Places monthly advertisements in Studio City Lifestyle Magazine, a local monthly publication for the benefit of the entire district.

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